The Legal Records Department is responsible for legal documents which are filed as public record. At the courthouse, most documents are maintained from 1840 to present. Document indexes are available for most document types back to 1840 with few exceptions. Document images are available online for most instrument filings from January 1986 to current date. All deeds from county inception to present are online. Mortgage images are available online from 1986 to present. Sorry, no Veteran records are allowed for security reasons.

Information About Legal Records

Most online real estate records found in the database include: deeds, name changes, mechanics liens, mortgages, powers of attorney, wills, corporations, tax liens, military discharges, trademarks, assignments, releases, marriages, and delinquent property taxes.

Filing fees and document particulars for the most frequently filed documents are available online.

The Edmonson County Clerk’s Office uses Software Management Incorporated (SMI) to maintain our records management system.

NOTE: All public records (documents and indices thereof) are available for viewing in the office of the Edmonson County Clerk free of charge. The fees charged for this access are intended to be utilized to continue providing this public service.

If you have additional questions about Legal Records please contact Kevin Alexander at [email protected] or Jason Alexander at [email protected]


Software Management, LLC, in conjunction with CCLIX participating county clerks offices throughout the state of Kentucky, is pleased to present eCCLIX, the Internet version of CCLIX. Today, the system known as CCLIX (“clicks”), County Clerk Indexing, is being utilized in almost two-thirds of Kentucky’s County Clerk offices. Attorneys, title search personnel, surveyors and realtors have grown to depend upon the CCLIX system to provide the fastest possible access to public records archived in the Kentucky County Clerk’s office.


With eCCLIX, users can now view or print the documents filed by over 50 clerks offices in Kentucky. In need of a last minute title follow-up? Why not have eCCLIX right at your closing table? eCCLIX will provide you with the information you need for last-minute title follow-ups, estate settlements and appraisals, often eliminating time-consuming trips to the courthouse

Commercial User

This site was developed for businesses and individuals that are in the business of researching documents.

There is a subscription fee and you will also have the option to add other counties within your searchable area.

Private Citizen

This site is for Edmonson County residents seeking to search for personal reasons with zero commercial gain.

You may only search Edmonson County records and are limited to five searches per day.

No charge for this service

Recording Fees

Document DescriptionCategoryNew Minimum Fee*/#
Affidavit of Conversion to Real EstateMiscellaneous $51*
Affidavit of Descent Deed$50*
Affidavit per KRS 382.297 or 382.337Deed/Mortgage $46*
AgreementDeed/Mortgage $46*
Articles and Amended Articles (Profit & Nonprofit)Corporate Records$46*
Assignment of Mortgage Miscellaneous $46*
Assignment of Rents Deed$50*
Assignment of Vendor's Lien Miscellaneous $46*
Assumed Name Corporate Records$46*
Assumption Agreement Mortgage$46*
Attest-Release (In House)Release$46*
Bonds- Property as Surety Miscellaneous Enc$63
Bond to Release a Mechanic Lien Release$60*
Certificate of Delinquency Assignment Miscellaneous $30
Certificate of Delinquency Re-Assignment Miscellaneous $46*
Certificate of Delinquency Release Release$46*
Child Support Lien-In StateEncumbrance $5
Child Support Lien-Out of State Encumbrance $46*
Child Support Lien Release-In StateRelease$5
Child Support Lien Release-Out of StateRelease$46*
Condominium Declaration/Associated DocumentsCondo Deed $50*
Contract Real Estate/LandDeed$50*
Declaration of Trust Deed$46*
DeedDeed/Condo Deed$50*
Deed of Correction Deed$46*
Deed of Restrictions Deed$50*
PodiatristRegistry $10
Easement Deed$50*
Easement Release Deed$46*
Encumbrance Encumbrance $46*
Encumbrance Release Release$46*
Fixture Filing Fixture $96*
Fixture Continuation, Assignment, Amendment, Partial Release Fixture $46*
Inheritance Tax Lien Encumbrance $5
Inheritance Tax Lien Release Miscellaneous $5
Judgment Lien Encumbrance $46*
Land Use Restrictions Land Use $50
Lease-Real Estate and/or Equipment Deed$50*
Limited Partnership or Partnership Agreement Corporate Records$46*
Lis Pendens Notice Encumbrance $46*
Lis Pendens Notice Release Release$46*
Marital Agreement Deed$46*
Master Deed for Condominiums Condo Deed/Deed$50*
Mechanic Lien Mechanic Lien $46*
Mechanic Lien Release Release$46*
Mortgage Mortgage/Condo Mtg$80#
Mortgage Modification Agreement Mortgage/Condo Mtg$46*
Mortgage (Real Estate) with Assignment Mortgage/Condo Mtg$126#
Option Agreement-Real Estate Deed$50*
Plat Plat Cabinet $50
Power of Attorney Deed$50*
Release of Mortgage-Full or PartialRelease$46*
Revocation of Power of Attorney Deed$46*
Subordination Agreement Mortgage $46*
Tax Lien-Federal Encumbrance $46*
Tax Lien-StateEncumbrance $5
Tax Lien Release-Federal Release$46*
Tax Lien Release-StateRelease$5
Will Will $47*
Renunciation of Will Will $46*
Disclaimer of Will Will $46*
Filing with statutory authority for which no specific fee is setVaries $46*
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